A reflective surface platform.”Experiments” is a visual laboratory with reflective surfaces, with the help of which, both at home and in another environment (nature, kindergarten, city), it is possible to explore and create three-dimensional patterns and structures, explore objects in the environment from different angles. Visual experiments are created with the help of three reflective surfaces that can be easily bent in different directions.

The holes in the base of the objects are used to attach the left wing of the object.
They are spaced at a distance of 22.5 degrees. When the left wing is attached to the first hole, at 90 degrees – when the object is placed in the center – instead of one the same eight objects are visible, at 67.5 degrees – ten objects, and at 45 degrees instead of one sixteen of the same objects are visible. So it happens, a moment of illusion and play, when you have an object, you can multiply it and see what you get.

The “experiments” fold compactly, even when not in use, and take up little space. This object is convenient to take with you when you travel to the city or nature, putting it in a specially designed cotton bag and explore the environment in which it is.

“Experiments” is a platform for creativity and imagination that unfolds when another object lands on its surface. One of the advantages of “Experiments” is that you do not need any special objects to do activities with this platform. Any leaf of a tree, any pebble welcomed, or a ring of flowers can become the focus of the action, and only with the help of “Experiments” you can look at these objects from a completely different angle.

Despite the possibilities offered by the objects in the environment, I propose game elements that will help you feel and understand how these “experiments” work.

The geometric and smooth shapes made of natural oak wood, created specifically for this platform, will help you to immerse yourself in the world of reflections and immerse yourself in three-dimensional ornaments.


personal project


Neringa Orlenok

Image credits

Neringa Orlenok


October 9, 2018